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Website + Logo Design

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Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark

Web Designer

Jessica Clark has been building websites for family and friends for years, and after multiple requests and word-of-mouth referrals, she has decided to start offering her web design services.

You can see her portfolio below (click on the links to be directed to the websites)

Jessica Clark has a team of master level developers, designers and seo specialists that allow her to complete and deliver web design projects very quickly.

Jessica has a great aesthetic eye and will help you understand the basics of web design and seo as well as what kind of website would work the best for you and your business. As a client, you get Jessica’s personal mobile number for text and phone support to help answer any questions that come up along the way.

Wordpress Website Design

Allow 10 Days for Delivery

Minimalist Logo Design

Allow 7 Days for Delivery

Woo Commerce Website Design

Allow 10 Days for Delivery

Local SEO Services

Monthly Service - Cancel Anytime
  • If you have a new brand or website, we highly recommend this service to assist with ranking and search engine visibility! This service includes keyword research, page titles, content writing, manual submission for local citations and more!


Website + Logo Design Includes:

Initial 1 Hour Phone Interview

Welcome Email with a List of Everything we Need From You to Get Started

Updates and Interaction Throughout the Entire Design Process

16 local citations submitted manually for local SEO

Training on How to Use Your New Website

Blogging Basics

Anytime Text/Phone Support with Jessica

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