Foot Reflexology

Reflexology may feel like a foot massage, but it’s actually quite different since reflexology works with the nerves and massage works with the muscles and soft tissue. Clients typically report feeling relaxed after a session.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki, which is also sometimes referred to as energy work is very gentle and non-invasive yet very powerful. You may experience tingling, feel hot or cold and see colors (if your eyes are closed during the session).

Chi Machine

Oxygenates the body via “passive aerobic exercise”, activating the lymphatic system, detoxification, and aligns the spine due to the figure-eight motion caused by oscillation of the machine.

Infrared Sauna

Dry heat therapy that works to detoxify your body, burn up to 600 calories and provide lasting relaxation. Infrared Rays warm your body directly instead of the circulating air inside the sauna.

Salt Chamber

Microscopic particles of pharmaceutical grade salt created by a halotherapy generator are dispersed into the air. Users spend 30-45 minutes inhaling salt particles for a calming effect. Use regularly for lasting results.

Weight Loss Coaching

 Jessica is a pro at weight loss coaching. Getting you started at understanding the basics of meal timing and how to implement intermittent fasting for the best results.

Travel Services

 For Established Clients ONLY! NEPA Reflexology can travel to you for a minimal travel fee. We make it effortless and easy by arriving at your door with a zero gravity chair and a stool so you can enjoy reflexology in the comfort of your own home or office.

Raindrop Reflexology

aromatherapy reflexology essential oilsRaindrop Reflexology is a technique where we start by applying 8 different therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils to the vita flex points on the feet in a very specific order for profound relaxation and balance.

CBD Reflexology

 CBD Reflexology is the same as our standard Reflexology session except we apply a hemp derived CBD infused cream for absorption through the bottom of the feet. Effective for enhanced relaxation during and after the session.