Weight Loss With Infrared Sauna

Weight Loss With Infrared Sauna

NEPA Reflexology offers Far Infrared Sauna sessions and Infrared Sauna + Halotherapy sessions. Learn more about this service here.

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Experience A Significant Boost In Your Weight Loss Goals

New Years Resolution

As weight loss is always the number one goal for so many American’s in the new year, let’s remember that detoxification is a critical component in eliminating stubborn body fat. By using an infrared sauna as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan, you may experience noticeable differences in how you look and feel, from clearer skin to fat loss. Our Clearlight Sauna® Infrared sauna sessions eliminate toxins while energizing your body in a safe and comfortable way.


Weight Loss and Toxins

Dr. Raleigh Duncan, founder, and designer of Clearlight Sauna®’s models understood the direct relationship between weight loss and toxins. Our diets and environments introduce harmful toxins into our bodies. These toxins have nowhere to go but to store themselves in fat cells. When a fat cell becomes toxic, the cell cannot shed the fat even with healthy eating and exercising. With Infrared heat therapy, these toxins are forced out of the fat cells and eliminated by sweating. Dr. Duncan states, “The sauna gets the toxins out and then the fat will start to come off. That’s how the whole system works.” 



How Does Infrared Heat Burn Calories?

An increase in core body temperature results in a decrease of body fat. As we relax in the gentle infrared heat, our body becomes hard at work producing sweat and pumping blood for cardio and detoxification. This increased sweat production cools the body, while the heart works harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost circulation. As metabolism is increased, it burns calories and aids the body in flushing out toxins stored in fat cells.


Jacuzzi® infrared saunas were specifically clinically tested by Binghamton University in a weight-loss study. Results from this study proved that fat loss was inevitable with frequent sauna use! Other studies conclude heat therapy has many significant health benefits:

  • Muscle pain relief
  • Immune system boost
  • Detoxification
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
  • Stress and fatigue reduction
  • Improved skin
  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight loss 


Read more about the Infrared sauna experience and health benefits here. NEPA Reflexology offers various sauna sessions, find out which one works for you here on our Halotherapy/Infrared Sauna page. 


Schedule your Far Infrared Sauna appointment and experience a gentle yet invigorating detoxification experience!

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Keto For Weight Loss

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Clinical trials conducted by Binghamton University 



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Animal Aromatherapy

Animal Aromatherapy

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are described as the “Life-Blood” of a plant. They have been used for THOUSANDS of years and are referenced through history – dating back to 5000BC in ancient Egypt. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent, so we need very little, especially when working with small animals and children. For example, ONE DROP of peppermint oil is equivalent to roughly 28 bags of peppermint tea. Before we address HOW to use essential oils, let’s first discuss why we use Young Living oils and what makes Young Living stand out from other brands.  and why Young Living oils can be used topically and internally, while other essential oils (perfume oils) are only meant for aromatic uses.

Why Young Living?

Young Living is the ONLY Essential OIl brand with their own farms AND distilleries around the world. They offer the Seed to Seal promise, guaranteeing that every oil that arrives at your door meets Young Living’s extremely high standards, where purity and potency are unmatched. Every single batch of oil is tested – there’s no “random batch testing” or “we trust our sources”. It’s a guarantee that ALL of our oils are the best on the market. You can learn more about the ins and outs of the intricate process of producing AUTHENTIC 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils on the Seed to Seal site.

How Do I Use Essential Oils? Essential Oils can be Diffused, used Topically and/or Used Internally (depending on the oil). Please keep in mind that the average Dog’s nose is 1000x more sensitive than a humans nose and a domestic cat’s nose is about 14x as sensitive as a humans. Introduce Oils to pets SLOWLY.

  • 1.) Let your pet come to you, and let the first oil you introduce be a mild one. For example, lemon, orange or lavender are quite mild where peppermint is extremely strong.
  • 2.) When diffusing, make sure the area is ventilated and the animal is not confined. Star diffusing in short segments and gradually increase the time. (when diffusing for trauma related purposes, allow the animal time alone to process)
  • 3.) If you don’t have a cold air diffuser, try a cotton ball or unbleached coffee filter. They can easily be hung in a stall or from a car vent (for companions with travel related anxiety).
  • 4.) Placing an oil on their favorite toy is a great introduction (and of course let them come to the toy)
  • 5.) Placing oil on yourself is aromatherapy for your pet as well 😉


EO Application for Different Animals

Topical Application Dilution Ratios for our FURRY, FEATHERY AND SCALY companions.

  • Cats: 75-90%
  • Hampsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs etc: 85-90%
  • Ferrets: 75-90%
  • Rabbits: 75-90%
  • Birds: 90-95%
  • Reptiles: 75-90%
  • Ambibians: 90-95%
  • Horses, Cows and other Large Animals: NEAT (Undiluted) except for hot oils like cinnamon, oregano etc
  • Dogs: small dogs 75% (1-25 lbs), medium dogs 50% (26-50 lbs), large dogs 25% 50-75 lbs), XL dogs 0-25% (76+ lbs)

CATS: because of the special nature of cats, we recommend only using essential oils as needed for acute care and on a daily basis ONLY in chronic cases. Cats who live in environments where essential oils are used are already getting plenty of beneficial molecules on a daily basis.

BIRDS: Spread a small amount of diluted Essential oils on your finger and allow the bird to perch or spread a small amount of diluted oil to the birds perch inside the cage. A gentle floral midst of oils like lavender, orange, lemon or grapefruit is like home for the birds. A toothpick dipped is diluted oil may also be gently applied to the bottom of the birds feet.

Applying oils to the bottom of feet, paws and hooves are great options.

Essential Oils can also be applied to the tips and auricular points of the ears. This application is known as “tipping”

**ONLY apply to the back of floppy ears to avoid getting oils in the animals eyes.

Raindrop Technique is a powerful technique using 9 oils on the spine and feet/paws/hooves to aid in decreasing inflammation, detoxifying and boosting the immune system. The Raindrop Kit comes with an instructional dvd and apply the dilution ratios listed above. Raindrop treatments could be used daily for severe medical concerns, otherwise monthly for maintenance.

*Don’t wash your pet after a raindrop treatment and NEVER use water to dilute oils, since water and oils don’t mix it could cause burning. Always use V-6 or other neutral oil like coconut oil or olive oil to dilute essential oils.

Lavender – Lavender has been toted as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils because of it’s versatile uses from stress support, sleep promotion to soothing skin irritations. Diffusing in a cold air ultrasonic diffuser creates a gentle, hospitable environment (especially for tropical birds)Lavender also repels parasites.

Frankincense: Frankincense is a safe and gentle oil that is recommended for smaller pets (including birds). Often used for wounds, skin health, behavioral issues, cleansing, fungus.

Panaway: Most recommended for minor injuries (dilute before using on cats). Supports urinary health, soothes minor aches and pains, support during dental extraction. Can be used topically with a warm compress or on the vita flex points.

Stress Away: This unique essential oil blend contains the stress-relieving combination of lime, vanilla, copaiba and lavender to help reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla. Stress away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension. Useful for working with behavioral problems, anxiety and fear, confidence in new environments, car rides and over excitement.

Lemon: Beneficial for increasing awareness, supporting the immune system, creating an uplifting environment. It can be used internally, topically or aromatically. May be helpful in increasing awareness, cognitive function during training, protecting against parasites, supporting skin conditions, immune stimulation, gentle cleansing and detox, cleanse the air.

Thieves: Safe to use topically and internally, Thieves blend is the most recommended oil for immune system support of all the Young Living oils. This is a “hot oil” , so be sure to dilute with an organic vegetable oil. Ideal for treating minor injuries with contamination, Can be used for dental issues. Helpful when working with ticks.

Peppermint: Beneficial when used with Pan Away for minor aches and pains (must dilute for cats). Use 1 drop in water for overheated animals (great for long walks), may help with nausea and car sickness, supportive for digestion, helpful for bad breath (1 drop with 10 drops or more of v-6 oil to lessen intensity of taste)

Di-Gize: A favorite blend for supporting gastrointestinal health and is widely used as protection against parasites diarrhea and vomiting. You may wish to add additional nutmeg or ginger oil to the blend for added nausea relief, especially when working with motion sickness.

Purification: This blend is our personal favorite when working with funky smells, whether they are musty/mildew-y smells or pet accidents! We also love mixing roughly 20 drops with 3 oz of distilled water in a small spray bottle for a natural chemical free insect repellent. Also aids in immune system support and as protection from parasites.

Living in a Healthy Home

Thieves Household products are an amazing way for us to move into chemical free living that can benefit us and our pets! How lovely for our companions paws to absorb something that is actually BENEFICIAL as well as CHEMICAL FREE!

How to Order Young Living Essential Oils


SIGN UP HERE to order directly from Young Living and receive 24% off retail. No Obligations or Membership Fees (to remain active Just purchase 50PV product per year). You’ll also be eligible for the ESSENTIAL REWARDS PROGRAM. No selling required (most people just choose wholesale to benefit themselves and family). GENEROUS COMPENSATION PLAN (if you choose to take advantage of the business opportunity).

*MOST PEOPLE START WITH ONE OF THE KITS That comes with a Diffuser of your choice, because it’s a great way to start introducing oils to our Furry Friends.

Premium Starter Kits

*ALL information discussed here refers ONLY to Young Living Brand Essential Oils, which are guaranteed for their purity and potency and therefore SAFE to use topically and internally when indicated. There is no regulatory board for essential oils, so please know where your oils come from because they can be adulterated even if they say Organic or Pure. We choose Young Living Oils because of their Seed to Seal Process which guarantees safety, purity, and potency.


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