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Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark

Reflexologist and Lifestyle Coach

Driven by a passion for health and wellness, Jessica offers reflexology and reiki in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. Highly praised for her techniques and hands-on knowledge, she’s a highly skilled Reflexologist, in which an exercised pressure is applied to reflex areas for relaxation and stress reduction.


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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology may feel like a foot massage, but it’s actually quite different since reflexology works with the nerves and massage works with the muscles and soft tissue. Clients typically report feeling relaxed after a session.

Foot Reflexology

Reiki Sessions

Reiki, which is also sometimes referred to as energy work is very gentle and non-invasive yet very powerful. You may experience tingling, feel hot or cold and see colors (if your eyes are closed during the session).

Reiki Healing

Chi Machine

Oxygenates the body via “passive aerobic exercise”, activating the lymphatic system, detoxification, and aligns the spine due to the figure-eight motion caused by oscillation of the machine.

Chi Machine

Infrared Sauna

Dry heat therapy that works to detoxify your body, burn up to 600 calories and provide lasting relaxation. Infrared Rays warm your body directly instead of the circulating air inside the sauna. 

Infrared Sauna

Salt Chamber

Microscopic particles of pharmaceutical grade salt created by a halotherapy generator are dispersed into the air. Users spend 30-45 minutes inhaling salt particles for a calming effect. Use regularly for lasting results.

Salt Therapy

Weight Loss Coaching

Jessica is a pro at weight loss coaching. Getting you started at understanding the basics of meal timing and how to implement intermittent fasting for the best results.

Weight Loss Coaching

Travel Services

For Established Clients ONLY!  NEPA Reflexology can travel to you for a minimal travel fee. We make it effortless and easy by arriving at your door with a zero gravity chair and a stool so you can enjoy reflexology in the comfort of your own home or office.

Traveling Reflexology

Raindrop Reflexology

aromatherapy reflexology essential oilsRaindrop Reflexology is a technique where we start by applying 8 different therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils to the vita flex points on the feet in a very specific order for profound relaxation and balance.

Raindrop Reflexology

CBD Reflexology

CBD Reflexology is the same as our standard Reflexology session except we apply a hemp derived CBD infused cream for absorption through the bottom of the feet. Effective for enhanced relaxation during and after the session.

CBD Oil Reflexology


Mary Elizabeth

“THE best reflexology around. Very healing and relaxing !!”

Loryn Copley

“Loved the treatment by Jess. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and I felt amazing after my appointment. I highly recommend NEPA Reflexology.”


“Great! Reflexology is great work, and Jessica does it with the best of them. She is an intuitive and sensitive healer.”


“I have had tons of reflexology treatments and Jessica is the best. Grateful one of my friends referred me here…”


“Reflexology is the BEST escape after a long work week!”

Carrie Thorne

“Jess is the best in foot reflexology! Very professional, knowledgeable and her technique leaves you feeling like you had a true reflexology session. She is also very flexible with her availability. I will be a regular client!”

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Jessica Clark has been intermittent fasting ever since she tried the keto diet a few years ago and has been practicing intermittent fasting ever since. With intermittent fasting she finally discovered a lifestyle right for her. Jessica was recently interviewed by her local wellness community on how she works with clients to implement intermittent fasting.

Weight Loss with Infrared Sauna

NEPA Reflexology offers Far Infrared Sauna sessions and Infrared Sauna + Halotherapy sessions. Learn more about this service here. Schedule Appointment     Experience A Significant Boost In Your Weight Loss Goals New Years Resolution As weight loss is always the number one goal for so many American’s in the new year, let’s remember that

Animal Aromatherapy

What Are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are described as the “Life-Blood” of a plant. They have been used for THOUSANDS of years and are referenced through history – dating back to 5000BC in ancient Egypt. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and potent, so we need very little, especially when working with small animals and children. For